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The Dalton Education Trust was founded by ZuluWaters Game Reserve in 2008 as a way to give back to the surrounding communities of Dalton Bridge, Ezindikini and Mhubheni. It has a specific focus on Early Childhood Development, and aims to provide an intervention that addresses the current needs of the community, while also investing in the future of the area’s children.

Stimulation during their formative years is crucial for children because, if early needs
  are not met, there is a knock-on effect throughout their later development. A solid pre-school education is key for success, and provides the foundation for skills development as the child grows.

The Sakhithemba Resource Centre at Dalton Bridge serves as an anchor point for the two educational programmes that have been initiated – a network of Early Childhood Educators and weekly
  Psychomotor Education classes. These focus on giving children the skills they need when entering formal schooling, and to be confident individuals capable of achieving their full potential later in life.

You can find out more about these programmes by clicking on the links above. Archived editions of our Newsletter are also available, as well as information on donating to the Trust.